Grew up in Orillia Ontario, Moved to Toronto in 2007. I’ve been practicing and perfecting my crafts since then.


I started experimenting with paint around 2009 / 2010. I got to where I am now through experimenting with cheap dollar store paints and canvases. I tried out many different techniques over the years and I’ve finally found one that I cant stop making. My friends love the pieces and so do I. So for the next little while I will be experimenting within this style and technique. Over time I will go back and try out bigger better versions of some other things I had been working on.

This is abstract expressionism. Not only does it express my feelings, but it also lets you express your feelings. These paintings move with your mood. If you are happy you see happy things, if you are sad, you see sad things. The paintings have great contrast and depth which creates detailed illusions. Made for true art lovers. Made for people with a bottomless imagination. The people who understand this type of art, will love it.

The biggest inspiration for me was Jackson Pollock. His paintings opened up a whole new world of art experience for me. Some people may compare this art to Jackson Pollocks work. My paintings use a different technique, but it is similar, and it does have the same affect.

I hope you enjoy the art, most of the pieces are available in print form, and some of the originals are still for sale. Check the links at the bottom of each post.


As a child I remember telling my family that I hate music. It’s still kind of true today. There is so much garbage coming through commercial media outlets. I started seeing it from a young age. Now I know that quality music does exist but it just takes a little bit of digging and talking to people.

I remember being about 12 years old and dragging my dads old electric guitar and amp out of the closet and up the stairs to my room. I would just play. I never tried to learn anything. I would just jam out until it started to sound good. Eventually got into guitar lessons and my skills developed quite fast. Learning Metalica’s “Master of Puppets” and pretty much every Weezer song because my long haired long bearded was pretty heavy into Weezeer. After a while guitar lessons started to become more of a task than a fun thing to do, and learning other peoples songs can get old. As I got older I got more into metal. I would always jam with different people but nothing ever got to serious.

Things started to change when I started recording my own guitar lines. I started making full tracks with guitar, bass and midi drums and effects. The midi started to take over. Soon enough I wasn’t using any real instruments at all. Around 2009 I was getting into dubstep and at that point my music production skills really started taking off. I somehow ended up naming the project “Philth”. At this point, that name isn’t so appealing. So I’ve been taking a break from posting any tracks under that name.

I got into the DJ thing with my friend Alex, he got me a couple gigs and it got going from there. We ended up throwing a lot of loft parties with international headliners that I played at. Ive played along side a lot of key artists including, Vaski, Calvertron, Ed Solo, locals Zed’s dead and the Killabits. Djing has never been my focus. My focus has always been with creating original music. When I have a lot more of my own music to show people I will start doing shows again, But for now I am taking a break from the DJ scene.

Everything that is in the works is still kind of all over the place at the moment as I experiment and learn more. I am leaning more towards an ambient dark style. It’s not going to be exclusively dubstep, but it will include a lot of those elements and techniques.


  1. Fereydoon says:

    Hi Philip,
    Great works! Have you thought about the artist project in Toronto? You might be interested for next year. Anyways that would be nice if you take time and check my page.

    All the best
    P.S. Got to your page from Etsy

  2. admin says:

    I entered my work for the emerging artist section last year. I think it is a bit expensive for the actual artist project show. Have you had success with this?

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